Amanda Seyfried dreams of having Meryl Streep's career.

The 'Dear John' actress - who made her big screen debut in cult Lindsay Lohan movie 'Mean Girls' - claims she would like to tread a career path similar to multi-Oscar winning actress Meryl, although admits so would many others in her profession.

She said: "I would like to be one of those actresses who can do anything. I would like to be like Meryl Streep some day, but then I don't know many people in this business who don't have that goal."

Discussing her upcoming appearance as the titular character in Catherine Hardwicke's big screen adaptation of 'Red Riding Hood', Amanda reveals it will be different from what many expect.

She told Total Film magazine: "Catherine has a very vivid, clear idea, a beautiful idea of what she wants us to be.

"Very gothic, very dark and unlike 'Twilight'."

Amanda will star alongside Gary Oldman, Julie Christie and Lukas Haas, which is due for release in April 2011.