Amanda Seyfried ''treated'' herself to an alcoholic drink after 'Les Misérables'.

The 27-year-old actress - who confessed last year she relies on ''Dutch courage'' for interviews - banned herself from any intoxicating beverages during filming as she had to keep her voice in top condition for her singing scenes.

So the first thing Amanda Seyfried - who plays Cosette in the big screen musical - did when the movie wrapped was pour herself a glass of her favourite tipple.

Speaking at The National Board of Review gala in New York City on Tuesday (08.01.13), the blonde beauty mused: ''Know how I treated myself after I finally finished 'Les Mis...'? I finally finished a little alcohol. You can't drink when you sing. So when I stopped having to sing, I started being able to enjoy myself.''

While Amanda struggled with her self-imposed booze ban, her co-star Anne Hathaway admitted her biggest ''challenge'' was cutting her hair short and she hated it so much she started ''trembling'' has her locks were shorn.

Anne - who shed a whopping 25 pounds for the role of prostitute Fantine - told the New York Post newspaper: ''My biggest 'Les Mis...' challenge was the hair. Getting it chopped off. I knew it had to go. Knew it was necessary for the character. But I had a physical reaction. I started trembling. I doubt I'll keep it this way.''

Anne has been nominated for the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her performance and although she doesn't want to jinx her chances, the brunette beauty has a vague idea of what she might do if she were to win the prestigious prize.

She added: ''Too early to discuss [the Oscars] but if ... I'd give it to my mother to keep.''