Amanda Seyfried finds Bad Boys "sexy".

The 'Red Riding Hood' actress - who has most recently been romantically linked with Ryan Phillippe - finds wayward men "disgusting" but can't help but be attracted to them.

She said: "Mystery is really sexy. Bad guys also tend to be really self-centred and very fearless - I don't know why but that is sexy. It shouldn't be, it's disgusting."

However, the 25-year-old beauty admits she couldn't stay with a bad guy for very long.

She added to Britain's OK! magazine: "It gets boring because it's all about them. It gets boring and very predictable."

Amanda also confessed she felt more attracted to her former boyfriend Dominic Cooper - who she met on the set of 'Mamma Mia!' in 2008 - when he was portraying an Arabic character in a movie.

She said: "I generally like dark-skinned European looking men. Dominic played Uday Hussein in 'The Devil's Double' and I was dating him when he was shooting it, and he was playing an Arab guy and I was just so attracted to him! He's so dark and it's great."