Amanda Seyfried exfoliates her skin with table salt.

The 27-year-old star experiments with home-made scrubs, mixing table salt and cleansers, to create the perfect exfoliant.

'The Lovelace' actress told In Style magazine: ''I exfoliate my face once a week: I mix table salt and whatever cleanser I happen to have in my bathroom to create a scrub. I also exfoliate my whole body and alternate between an exfoliating soap with apricot kernels and a lavender-based soap.''

The screen beauty - who has graced the covers of Elle, Glamour and Teen Vogue - prefers the natural look wearing only small amounts of make-up but keeps a concealer stick with her at all times to cover up small spots.

She said: ''I don't wear a lot of make up - normally just concealer and mascara. I always carry my Clé de Peau Beauté concealer stick because I often get spots.''

While Amanda doesn't count calories she admitted she paid more attention to her figure before the Met Ball in May this year so she could look ''lean.''

She explained: ''I don't diet but for this year's Met Ball I wanted to look lean and toned, so did strength training and three days before, I loaded up on protein.''