Movie star Amanda Peet is so terrified about her upcoming Broadway, New York debut in Neil Simon's BAREFOOT IN THE PARK, she's taking vocal lessons at drama school Julliard.

The actress suffers from devastating stage fright and mumbles when she's nervous and so she's taking precautions long before the play starts in February (06) to make sure she'll be heard.

She explains, "The producers called my agent and said, 'It will be really good if you can get some voice work,' because I'm a born mumbler and they're worried about me being able to project, so I'm taking voice lessons."

And Peet is urging her famous friends to keep their plans to see her onstage low-key - because she'll be terrified if she discovers they're in the audience.

She only wishes her SYRIANA co-star Matt Damon had taken heed of her concerns when she was last on stage in an off-Broadway production.

She recalls, "He seemed very sympathetic and then a few days later I was about to start the show and they gave the five minute call and someone knocked on my door and I got a little envelope and I opened it and it was personalised Matt Damon stationery.

"It said, 'Dear Amanda, I will be silently judging you!' so the entire time I was performing all I was thinking was 'Matt Damon's here, Matt Damon's here, Matt Damon's here.'"