Amanda Peet, star of the cruelly axed 'Studio 60 On The Sunset Trip,' has battled her way back onto prime-time television with a starring role in the forthcoming series 'Bent,' in which she plays an uptight lawyer whose been recently divorced. The show also stars former 'Scrubs veteran' Tad Quill.
Though keeping herself busy since the end of 'Sunset.' Peet has perceived that the amount of roles she's been offered of late has been drying up, something she told CNN felt indicative of the industry as a whole. "It seems like it's contracting, fewer and fewer jobs," she commented, "It's hard to discern what's what, since I'm now a 40-year-old woman. Am I over the hill at the same time there's a recession? It's hard to decide what's what. There aren't many roles that are interesting if you're a 40-year-old woman, unless you're Julia Roberts or Cate Blanchett."