Amanda Holden tried to be ''outrageous'' to hide her teenage innocence.

The 'Britain's Got Talent' judge has been described as one of the boys by Simon Cowell, but she has insisted her embarrassment during her teens meant she put on a front.

She said: ''If I was to get really deep I would say that at puberty, when I started learning about boys and sex and had to wear my first bra, I found it so excruciating and embarrassing that the way I dealt with it was to be more outrageous.''

It meant Amanda, 42, would try to find humour in things she ''knew nothing about'', and described herself as ''innocent'', even when referring to her affair with Neil Morrissey - exposed in 2000 - during her marriage to first husband Les Dennis.

She told the Mail on Sunday newspaper's You magazine: ''I would pretend I knew more than I did and tell jokes about things like sex acts I knew nothing about. The truth is, I am quite ... innocent.

''I have only ever been in long-term relationships. I have never had one-night stands or anything like that. I did, once, have a much-publicised affair but I thought I was in love with that person.''

She is now married to record producer Chris Hughes, and the couple have daughters Lexi, seven, and 14-month old Hollie.