Amanda Holden has vowed not to take any risks with her latest pregnancy and will therefore end her work on 'Shrek: The Musical', eight weeks early. Holden announced on Wednesday (24th August 2011) she is expecting her second child, just months after she had a miscarriage.
The television star was seven months pregnant when she lost what would have been her second child in February 2011. In a statement on her website today, Holden spoken of the "unbelievably difficult" year that she and husband Chris Hughes have endured but said she was "beyond delighted" with the pregnancy. Amanda said, "Due to its physical content this means I will end my contract with Shrek The Musical eight weeks early. I will endeavour to continue the show until the 3rd October. I do however ask you to bear with me as I will be putting myself and this pregnancy first". The television star said she had taken medical advice and "I will absolutely not be taking any risks", adding, "Your ongoing support for us this year has been so touching. We are enormously grateful". Holden has been playing Princess Fiona in the West End version of 'Shrek' since May 2011.
The couple, who are already parents to five-year-old daughter Lexi, married at Babington House in Somerset in December 2010.