Amanda Holden auditioned to play Sir Elton John's mother in 'Rocketman'.

The 'Britain's Got Talent' judge has revealed she tried out for the part of Sheila in the new Dexter Fletcher directed biopic by submitting a recording of herself reading for the part in a brown wig.

Amanda's audition was ultimately unsuccessful and the role eventually went to Bryce Dallas Howard in the film - which sees Taron Egerton portray the iconic musician.

Speaking on her first appearance on 'Heart Breakfast with Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden', she said: ''I haven't told anyone this so I'm just going to share it between the three of us now.

''I was right in the middle of doing something for QVC and I got a call from my people saying, 'Listen, you need to quickly put yourself on tape to play Elton John's mother in the new movie 'Rocketman'. I was like, 'You are kidding me?'

''So I got the script on my phone and Mikey my hairdresser pulled out a brown wig - obviously to put me in disguise and make me look like much more of an actress - and I shoved on this wig and put myself on tape and sent it Dexter Fletcher. How embarrassing is that?''

Although Amanda went for the part she knew she didn't have a realistic chance of landing it once she found out 'Jurassic World' star Bryce, 38, was in the running.

She said: ''There was no chance of me ever getting the part. Because who did it? Some huge American ... Bryce Dallas ... yeah you see? Amanda who?''

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