Amanda Holden says nearly dying has made her marriage stronger.

The TV presenter was left fighting for her life in January when her heart stopped beating for 40 seconds after a massive haemorrhage during the birth of her second child Hollie and Amanda says the terrible ordeal has made her realise how strong her husband Chris Hughes is.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''I love him so much. Of course we bicker - God - all the time! But we're not a shouting, slamming doors kind of couple. I hate raised voices.

''He's been amazing through all this. I underestimated his strength. I used to keep things to myself and confide in a girlfriend, but now I tell him everything - Chris is made of rock.''

Amanda - who also has six-year-old daughter Lexi with Chris - admitted it is only recently that she understood how serious her ordeal was.

She said: ''It's only now that I can see how terrible it all was.

''I don't know why, but it wasn't until I got to America this summer that I became very reflective and looked back.

''I was on the beach one day and I said to my husband Chris: 'How did we get through all that?' It was hellish.

''Now we're coming into this brilliant, happy phase and I feel amazing. But unless you face the darkness, you can't see the light.

''I've come out the other end much more resilient. I've got rid of all the crap in my life and I have a happy ending - a gorgeous chubby baby girl.''