Songwriter Amanda Ghost is grateful she co-wrote James Blunt's phenomenally successful single YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL, because otherwise she might never have revitalised her stagnant career. Ghost was nominated for two Ivor Novello awards last week (ends28APR06), for co-writing the song, after years of unsuccessfully trying to break into the music industry. And now she finds herself in high demand. Ghost says, "Nobody thought I could write a song. 'Oh, she's got a great voice but she can't write a hit. We need somebody who can write a hit, then it will be fine.' "Now I'm written one, and everyone's saying, 'Great songwriter, can she be an artist?' "I've been an artist all my life. I'm being asked to write with all these humongous stars, and I won't do it unless I think they're great. I'm not a musical whore. How soulless would that be? "I'd hate to be called a professional songwriter."