Sydney White, described as a contemporary retelling of Snow White, starring Amanda Bynes, is receiving some grumpy reviews. In fact, Ty Burr in the Boston Globe spends the first paragraph of his review focusing on Bynes tan (he returns to it at the end,too), writing, "The star's skin tone is a dark orange fake-and-bake marvel not found anywhere in or near nature. Did they take Bynes out back and lacquer it on? Did she suffer an accident in a Cheetos factory? ... Doesn't matter: It's mesmerizing, and one of the worst makeup jobs ever seen in a studio film." (So much for "the fairest of them all.") And Walter Addiego in the San Francisco Chronicle doesn't bother much with the plot of the movie or the performances, either, focusing on the title. "The picture was going to be called Sydney White and the Seven Dorks, which at least suggests a takeoff on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," he writes. "Maybe the studio thought 'dorks' would turn off some potential ticket buyers, but the new, shrunken title conveys nothing." A few critics do bother to comment on the film, mostly dismissively. Like Ann Hornaday in the Washington Post who describes it as a "completely ersatz movie that flattens everything, including its star, with a generic look and assembly-line sensibility."