Actress Amanda Bynes has vowed never to date another actor after an ex-boyfriend's cheating ways nearly "killed" her.
The Hairspray star, 22, tells American Cosmopolitan magazine she was so shaken after her split with an unnamed actor she moved back in with her parents for two months to soothe her heartache.
Bynes says, "(He) ended up breaking my heart. I was so hurt. I'm a confident person, but it killed me."
And though the actress admits she's turned on by Hollywood's hunky leading men, Bynes refuses to be another actor's arm candy - including the sexy stars of hit TV show Gossip Girl.
She adds, "Obviously, Chace Crawford is gorgeous, but I wouldn't want to date him. He's too pretty. Maybe he's a very smart guy and maybe he's my soulmate but that's not the type I go for."