Amanda Bynes and her parents face legal action after the troubled actress trashed an apartment.

The 'Easy A' star - who has had no fixed abode since leaving a psychiatric hospital last month - had been staying with her hair stylist and two other women at a West Hollywood apartment and caused lots of damage to the property, allegedly burning cigarette holes in the carpets and splashing blue hair dye on the carpets and porcelain sinks.

The mother of one of the residents had signed the lease so contacted Amanda's parents - who have a conservatorship over the actress - asking for $1,500 to repair the damage.

However, Rick and Lynn Bynes reportedly refused, saying the women knew their daughter was unstable when they allowed her to stay against their wishes, so they felt they had taken on the risk.

One of the tenants told TMZ that living with Amanda was like ''two different people'' as she was sometimes ''sweet and quiet'' but could quickly change to be ''angry and rude''.

The 'She's the Man' star - who was recently caught sleeping on a sofa in a Beverly Hills shopping mall - is currently surviving on gift cards of between $50 and $100 a day given to her by her parents and claimed on Twitter she couldn't afford a hotel because her parents wouldn't give her enough money.

Amanda's conservatorship attorney David Esquibias recently revealed her financial affairs are to be put in the charge of an unnamed private trust firm, in order to make them more accessible to the actress, amid rumours her mother wants to step down as her conservator so they can rebuild their relationship.