The owner of Amanda Bynes' current home is demanding the troubled actress pays $1,500 (£950) to cover the cost of damage she allegedly caused to the apartment.

The Hairspray star was released from a psychiatric hospital last month (Oct14) and is reportedly unable to buy a new home or pay for a hotel as her parents are in control of her affairs and only give her $50 (£31) per day.

Bynes moved in with her hair stylist and two other female friends at an apartment in Los Angeles earlier this month (Nov14) but now the mother of one of the girls, who signed the lease, is demanding Bynes pay up $1,500 to cover damages to the property.

According to, Bynes is accused of burning cigarette holes into the carpets and leaving blue hair dye around the place. Her parents, Lynn and Rick, have reportedly refused to pay up.

The actress was hospitalised in October (14) after weeks of erratic behaviour. She was released because she was considered stable, but her mental state was called into question after she posted a number of bizarre rants on

She launched a new series of tweets on Wednesday (12Nov14), telling the press they had got the identity of her fiance wrong, writing, "When I said I was engaged it wasn't to Caleb Pusey - I don't look myself up online and I just did and I read a bunch of articles saying that... he thought I was talking about him but that was news to me - he isn't who I was engaged to - he's not my friend... he's not a good person and I don't call him a friend so I don't know why he thought I was talking about him."

Bynes has tried to regain control over her finances but her attempts so far have failed.