Amanda Bynes claims she is being impersonated on Twitter.

The 30-year-old actress took to the micro-blogging site to claim that someone had gained access to her private Instagram account and had posted on Twitter pretending to be her, alleging that she was pregnant and engaged.

She wrote: ''I am not @persianla27. I am not getting married and I am not pregnant. I don't understand why twitter won't take @persianla27 down.

''I have asked repeatedly. This person continues to impersonate and harass me and twitter needs to take the account down.

''I repeat: I am not @persianla27. She got into my private instagram somehow and took all my photos and videos (sic).''

The account, which Amanda accused of impersonating her, later tweeted: '' I've been forced to deny this account to prevent them from having me committed against my will. AGAIN!

''This is just another ploy & scare tactic for them to keep my money FOREVER (sic).''

Last year, Amanda - who was previously placed under a conservatorship and endured stints in rehab and psychiatric facilities - returned to Twitter after a six-month break and explained that she has been busy studying fashion at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles.

She tweeted: ''Hi everybody! I haven't tweeted in a long time and I want to say hi! I've been really busy at FIDM, and I just finished my midterms.

''I am really loving school and I feel that I am learning a lot. I enjoy all of my classes and my teachers are excellent.

''I'm really appreciative of all that FIDM is giving me. I've been in school learning about the fashion business so I don't have time to tweet

''FYI, this Twitter account is the only communication media that I am using.

''No other Twitter accounts or websites are mine! I only have this one. (sic)

The 'Easy A' actress returned to the fashion school in October 2015 after reportedly being kicked out the year before.

She allegedly turned up to class under the influence of marijuana and offered students money to do her homework.

The actress, who was released from a psychiatric facility in October 2014 after less than a month of treatment, was arrested for Driving Under the Influence [DUI] in 2012, but avoided jail time by completing inpatient treatment and was placed on three years' probation in early 2014.

Amanda was also arrested for a DUI in the early hours of September 28, 2014 but the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office opted not to press charges ''after much deliberation and review''.

She was placed under the conservatorship of her mother Lynn in August 2013 after she set fire to a driveway.