Amanda Bynes was denied a neck tattoo after she failed to produce identification.

The 28-year-old troubled actress, who was recently released from a psychiatric hospital for the second time, almost had a name tattooed on her neck before it was revealed that she didn't have any ID on her and the plan was cancelled.

According to the gossip website, Amanda arrived at The Honorable Society tattoo parlor in West Hollywood, California on Tuesday (11.11.14) where she asked to have the name of her rumoured fiance Caleb Pusey permanently etched into her skin.

After denying the 'Easy A' actress the ink, an employee of the tattoo parlor told that even if she had identificaton, Amanda - who claimed to be bipolar and a manic depressive on Twitter last week (04.11.14) - would have been expected to fill out a medical form which ''asks for known illnesses''.

It is reported that Amanda left the tattoo parlor without incident.

She later posted a series of messages on Twitter, denying that she was engaged to Caleb, as TMZ had suggested.

Amanda wrote: ''when I said I was engaged it wasn't to caleb pusey - I don't look myself up online and i just did and I read a bunch of articles saying that (sic)

''he thought i was talking about him but that was news to me - he isn't who I was engaged to - he's not my friend (sic)

''he's not a good person and I don't call him a friend so I don't know why he thought i was talking about him (sic)''