Amanda Bynes' parents are hoping to get a conservatorship for their troubled daughter this Friday (26.07.13).

The 27-year-old actress' estranged parents, Rick and Lynn, are hoping to secure the court order, which if permitted would grant legal control of her personal and financial affairs until she gets her life back on track, and have arranged a hearing at Ventura County Courthouse in Oxnard, California.

A source told ''Rick and Lynn will appear before the judge on Friday to ask for a temporary conservatorship of their daughter, Amanda. Her parents will both be petitioning to be the temporary proposed conservators, and want control of her personal and financial affairs.''

This comes after the troubled youth was put on psychiatric hold after she caused a fire on a stranger's driveway in Thousand Oaks, California, on Monday night (22.07.13).

Amanda's parents must prove their daughter is a danger to herself and others for the order to be granted.

The legal insider continued: ''The proposed conservator must show that the conservatee is unable to care for themselves, and is a danger to others.''

Britney Spears' father managed to get this court order almost five years ago by proving she was a danger to herself.

The source added: ''When Britney's father got conservatorship of her, she was viewed as a danger to herself and this made it much easier for the judge to sign off on it.''