Amanda Bynes has found herself in hit and run controversy again, after a Los Angeles woman reportedly filed a police report yesterday afternoon (August 7th) relating to a fresh incident. Bynes has already had a lengthy history of driving incidents this year, having been arrested in suspicion of Dui on April 6h (she pleaded not guilty), as well as being on the wrong end of hit and run complaints on May 5th and May 27th. She doesn't seem to have learned her lesson though, and Tmz are reporting that she allegedly rear-ended the complainant and, after a brief exchange of words, headed off without exchanging insurance details!
Recounting the tale in full, the woman - named Kisa - said she was driving her Toyota Corolla when she was struck by a woman in a black Bmw. She apparently didn't recognize the woman at first - because she "looked like a hot mess" - but realised who it was as they began talking. As she got out her insurance card to exchange information, Bynes allegedly "seemed nervous about" it, and told her the damage to the Corolla didn't look that bad before attempting to push her bumper back into place.
The actress then said that they didn't need to exchange information because neither car was badly damaged, although Bynes' car clearly was. However, she simply got in her car and headed off, leaving Kisa no option but to file a hit and run report.