Amanda Bynes has moved in with her parents.

The 'She's The Man' star is currently looking for her own property after she checked out of her sober living facility last week and quit her course at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise (FIDM) but, in the meantime, is staying with her mother Lynn Organ and Rick Bynes until she gets back up on her feet.

A source told 'Entertainment Tonight' that she's living with her parents while she looks for her own home after a judge decided earlier this week that it was acceptable for her to live on her own now that she is out of the sober living facility.

The insider added to the publication: ''She has a great relationship with them [her parents Lynn and Rick]. She's always in touch with them.''

Although the 33-year-old actress' sobriety is ''always the concern'' for her relatives, the insider stressed that the troubled star is ''not doing drugs again''.

However, Amanda is ''open to getting help'' so arranged in court on Thursday (12.12.19) a plan to keep her on the straight and narrow.

A source said recently: ''She may not go back [to the facility], but again, she's not doing drugs and mentally and physically she's okay. She does not have to go back but it's unclear what's going to happen. In court her parents were reassured that she's doing well and okay and that everything is back on track.''

Despite reports Amanda is looking to have new conservators appointed to look after her affairs, the insider insisted she ''doesn't want to replace'' her parents.

Amanda is said to be ''doing better now'' overall.

The insider said: ''Today she had bright pink hair, bright pink nails and she had unusual make-up. It was like she painted freckles on her face and all over her cheeks.''