Amanda Bynes' 'Hairspray' co-star Nikki Blonsky insists the actress is fine.

While Amanda, 27, has worried friends and family with her increasingly erratic outbursts, Nikki - who worked on 'Hairspray' with Amanda, doesn't think there is any cause for concern.

She told Life & Style magazine: ''She's the same Amanda I met working on 'Hairspray'. She's happy. I don't think that's a breakdown, but a breakthrough. I back Amanda 100 per cent. I don't think there is any concern on anybody's part. She is just living her life and doing what she wants to do and I totally support that for her. I think it was more like an episode of events that maybe people are finding her different for, because she has been so cookie-cutter and so perfect over the years.''

Amanda has caused concern with her bizarre antics and recent run-ins with the law and although she has blasted bloggers including Perez Hilton for reporting on her troubles, he recently sent his best wishes to his former pal.

He said: ''Amanda and I were real life friends in the past. Other former friends of hers and I have tried to help - repeatedly - for a long time. Unfortunately she has not been open to that. I hope she gets better and works through her issues, sooner than later.''