Giambattista Valli has teamed up with MAC.

The 48-year-old fashion designer has collaborated with the cosmetics brand, creating a range of lipsticks available in five shades, ranging from apricot to pinks and reds.

Giambattista - a favourite designer of stars including Lena Dunham and Amal Alamuddin - confessed he enjoyed working alongside MAC to produce the line as he was given complete control over the creations and was able to fully express his love of florals in the collection.

He told ''I'm very well known for dresses, no? And I thought it was very nice, the idea of dressing your lips...For a creative person, collaborating can be frustrating because you feel that you're limited or stuck within someone else's ideas, but with MAC it was 100 per cent freedom and 100 per cent support just to make my idea become a reality, to pull out my flowers and my sense and my emotion and put it into the colour.''

The range - which is rumoured to be hitting stores next summer - will be released in a matte effect, with a lipgloss also available to add a hint of sheen.

Giambattista added that he designed the line for confident women who don't shy away from expressing themselves through bold lip colour.

He explained: ''The best thing about make-up is that a lipstick can really change your look. If you never wear colour on your lips and then one day you wear red, everyone just goes, 'Wow!'

''I made these for a woman with personality, a woman who lives her life and isn't afraid to wear colour and isn't afraid to kiss.''

The brand recently took to Twitter to share they were ''thrilled'' with the team up, saying: ''We're thrilled to announce our upcoming collaboration with acclaimed fashion designer, @giambattistapr !''

Although the line won't be released until 2015, the collection is available to pre-order in stores now.