Alyssa Milano has sworn off dating baseball players, because they are too childish.
The actress admits she is a huge fan of the sport, and even dreams of being a star slugger.
But, after dating Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Brad Penny and Atlanta Braves star Tom Glavine, she's determined to court more mature men, like her current mystery beau, known only as "David".
Milano says, "They are grown men playing a little boy's sport. That makes them childish."
The actress, who has designed a range of Major League Baseball-approved sportswear and has her own baseball blog, admits she's such a huge fan of the sport, she dreams up game scenarios when she's trying to get to sleep.
She adds, "My stress reliever is usually baseball. In fact, sometimes when I can't sleep - because my mind is racing - I close my eyes and think about being at the stadium. I create game-winning situations.
"I think of the sound of the bat cracking. And you know what? It usually works."