Actress Alyssa Milano thrilled fans on American chat show ELLEN this morning (29OCT04) by dressing up as Star Wars heroine PRINCESS LEIA to celebrate Hallowe'en.

The CHARMED star also draped a cloth over her pet dog LUCY, so the pooch could be YODA for the day.

The actress told host Ellen Degeneres, who was dressed as SCARLETT O'HARA from Gone With The Wind, that she once dreamed of transforming herself into Carrie Fisher's famous Star Wars character.

She said, "When I was about six-year-old I wanted to be Princess Leia so bad and I had short hair and my mom made me wear pumpernickel bagels on the side of my head with a big headband. She was very creative.

"I love Hallowe'en. I think it's awesome, and the best thing about my job is I get to dress up all the time.

"Last year I went to a children's hospital I volunteer at and I went as DOROTHY (Wizard Of Oz) and then that night my make-up artist put elfin ears on my ears - it helps having a special-effects make-up team - and I was an elfin princess."

Milano has a very special reason to celebrate Hallowe'en this year (31OCT04) - she's the national spokesperson for the Trick or Treat for Unicef Campaign.

01/11/2004 10:49