Alyssa Milano has ''deep conversations'' with her children about the state of the world.

The 45-year-old actress has son Milo, six, and daughter Elizabella, three, with her husband Dave Bugliari, and has said she finds it difficult to ''shelter'' them from the ''chaos and turmoil'' going on in the world, and so has opted to have conversations with them about it instead.

She said: ''I'm in a great, very lucky position because I have a girl and a boy, so I'm able to teach these lessons to them both on a daily basis. First of all, I'm a big believer in telling them the truth and not hiding anything from them. I do feel that we're in such a time right now that there's so much chaos and turmoil that it's very hard to shelter them from that. So we have very deep conversations about what's happening.''

The former 'Charmed' star also makes sure her children think about their bodies in a positive way.

She added: ''But also about body image. I feel like girls and sports, my daughter plays baseball and she's the only little girl on the little trotters team, she's three. It's all about how strong are you, you've gotta be strong to hit that ball, and really instilling that the body is for ... we eat for fuel, and a body is to be strong.''

Even though her daughter is half the age of her son, Alyssa is determined to bring them up in similar ways, and even lets her daughter pick out a book to read so she can ''find her voice''.

Speaking to People Now, the 'Insatiable' star said: ''My son is reading now, and my daughter doesn't read, but my daughter gets to pick books every other night. And my son keeps saying to me 'I don't understand, why does she get to pick? She doesn't read mom, why does she get to pick?' And I say to him, 'Because what she wants and what she feels matters in life and in this house, and she has to have her voice.' Even though she's the baby, she's gotta find her voice and her strength, and what she loves and what she likes. And we have to respect that.''