Aly Michalka is set to star in the new US show 'Hellcats' which premieres tonight (September 8th 2010) on The CW, however, the actress says the series is not just about cheerleaders 'looking sexy and shaking pom-poms'. The show centres on the plight of a struggling law student - played by Michalka - who loses her financial aid and therefore has to fight for the school's one remaining scholarship - in cheerleading. The 21-year old actress told, "It's not about cheerleaders looking sexy and shaking pom-poms all the time. It's about the competitive aspect, how dangerous it is and the fact that these girls are counting on each other to bring it when they're out there on the field".
Michalka - who's also a singer-songwriter, guitarist, and pianist - says she wasn't involved in the more adventurous cheerleading stunts during the filming of the show, saying, "The cheerleading and the gymnastics are being taken care of with actual stunt doubles when it comes to anything that's dangerous - [otherwise] actors going up in the air may not be coming back down, but might be hitting the floor."
As well as starring in 'Hellcats', Michalka is also set to appear in the upcoming romantic comedy 'Easy A', which is set for release on September 17th 2010.