Aly Michalka says her new show 'Hellcats' is grittier than the Kirsten Dunst movie 'Bring It On', despite both being about cheerleading. In an interview with MTV News, the 21-year-old actress said, "It's a little bit more grittier than 'Bring It On. It's kind of like that meets Friday Night Lights. I think Bring It On is really great and it's very bubbly, but this is a little bit more edgier".
Michalka plays the lead role in 'Hellcats' which premiered last night (September 8th 2010) on The CW network. The series centres on the plight of a struggling law student, played by Michalka, who loses her financial aid and therefore has to fight for the school's one remaining scholarship, in cheerleading. The actress said of her character, "She knows what she wants. She has an edge about her, but she's likable. It adds vulnerability when it comes to the people that she meets, and becoming this cheerleader on this squad of girls she would normally never relate to".
As well as 'Hellcats', Michalka, who is also a singer-songwriter, guitarist, and pianist, is set to appear in the upcoming romantic comedy 'Easy A', which is due for release on September 17th 2010.