Aly Michalka, the American actress and star of television series 'Hellcats', has revealed that she often auditions for the same roles as her sister AJ MICHALKA, but insists that there is no hard feelings when one actress triumphs over the other.
Aly has been praised for her performances as a cheerleader in 'Hellcats', but her sister recently appeared on the big screen in the movie 'Secretariat', which also stars John Malkovich and Diane Lane. However, Aly insists there is no rivalry, telling Entertainment Tonight, "We go out for the same parts every once in a while, and that we kind of laugh about because we're completely different people", before adding, "Even if one of us did land it, I think we would be super supportive of each other, because if I want anybody else to book a role that's not me, I want it to be AJ."
The sisters are also musicians and are currently working on new material for their pop rock band '78violet'. Aly recently starred alongside Emma Stone in the comedy film 'Easy A', but insists playing a cheerleader in 'Hellcats' has been one her most demanding roles yet, saying, "It takes a certain amount of focus and fearlessness to be involved in that sport".