American actress Alyson Hannigan is questioning the level of security at the London theatre where she is starring in WHEN HARRY MET SALLY - after an intruder gained access to her dressing room.

The BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER star, 30, is concerned about safety at the capital's HAYMARKET THEATRE after the stalker bypassed security and gained access to the actress' room on Saturday (10APR04).

An insider reveals, "This guy in his mid-20s was hanging around the stage door after the performance.

"He tried to sneak into Alyson's room but was stopped by security.

"There was a lot of shouting and swearing and neither Alyson or Luke were allowed to leave until he had been ushered out of the way."

A spokesperson at the West End theatre - where Hannigan is appearing alongside former BEVERLY HILLS 90210 actor LUKE PERRY - was keen to downplay the incident.

He says, "Somehow an audience member found himself backstage after going through the wrong door.

"He took a wrong turn and found himself at her dressing room and thought he'd go and try and grab her autograph."

14/04/2004 13:41