The defence team in the JESSE JAMES HOLLYWOOD kidnapping and murder case has moved to block Santa Barbara, California officials from the upcoming trial due to their involvement in a related movie. Hollywood, who is awaiting trial in the kidnapping and murder of 15-year-old NICHOLAS MARKOWITZ in 2000, was the basis for the lead in a new movie, Alpha Dog, which stars EMILE HERSCH and Justin Timberlake. And the accused man's defence attorney fears the Santa Barbara County District Attorney's office, who worked as consultants on the movie, should be removed from the case. Attorney JAMES BLATT wants to replace the Santa Barbara officials with the California State Attorney General, insisting the existing prosecutor's involvement in the production of the film will interfere with a fair trial. Blatt says, "A prosecutor should not become a participant in an entertainment-based financial enterprise, which is the subject of a case in which he is involved." Former drug dealer Hollywood, who was at one time the youngest person on the FBI's most wanted list, faces the death penalty. A hearing into Blatt's attempts to remove the Santa Barbara officials from the case will be heard at the California Supreme Court tomorrow (13JUL06). Meanwhile, Alpha Dog is expected to be released at the beginning of 2007, during Hollywood's trial.