LATEST: Almost Famous star Kate Hudson sued a British tabloid for publishing claims she had an eating disorder because she didn't want young girls to think she was starving herself. The British edition of the National Enquirer falsely accused the svelte star of being "painfully thin" and suggested she had an eating disorder. The 27-year-old successfully extracted an apology and libel damages from the tabloid last week (ends23JUL06). She explains, "There are lines that are drawn and lines that are crossed and that's completely inappropriate and not something to be taken lightly. "They like to go under this loophole that we're in the public eye which is why they can make accusations about who you are. "I couldn't just let someone accuse me of something that serious - and such a blatant lie." Hudson was particularly worried about the impact the false reports she was suffering from anorexia could have on impressionable young women. She adds, "It's not something to be rumoured, it's a serious problem."