Fox TV threw itself a 25th anniversary party on Sunday night, but relatively few people showed up. At 7 00 p.m. it aired the original pilot for its classic, long-running series Married ... With Children , its first big sitcom hit. But only 2.9 million viewers tuned in, according to Nielsen Research. A half-hour later, it aired the original pilot for The Simpson , with just 3.2 million viewers tuning in. Then, for the next two hours, it carried the main feature of the night, its 25th Anniversary Special , featuring some of the stars from Fox's hit shows over the quarter-century, including Ally Mcbeal, Beverly Hills, 90210, and The X-FILES. But if their shows had garnered the low ratings that the special did -- 4.3 million total viewers watched -- it is unlikely that they would ever have been invited to appear on such a special. Once again, CBS's 60 Minutes was the Sunday-night ratings champ with 12.7 million viewers.