Allison Williams isn't rushing to get married.

The 'Girls' star got engaged to her boyfriend of three years Ricky Van Veen after he popped the question last month, but she admits she's so happy right now that she's not even thinking about the wedding.

She told E! News: ''We're so excited. We're still in the phase of being excited post-engagement so we haven't even started talking about logistics, which is great. It's like the calm before storm.

''We haven't even talked about size, location [or] time of year--nothing! We're just being engaged.''

The 25-year-old actress is in love with the diamond sparkler she was presented with when Ricky asked her to be his wife, and she admits she won't be hiding the precious ring when she's in public.

She explained: ''It's part of me now and I love it so I like looking at it and the subway's the perfect place to for people to take a gander. It's perfect. He did very well.''

Allison previously admitted she wasn't expecting the proposal and she was completely surprised when he got down on one knee.

She said earlier this month: ''I was completely surprised, and the funniest thing about that is that I consider myself someone impossible to surprise and yet I am constantly.''