The Girls actress found fame on the award-winning TV show, which comes to an end in April (17) after six seasons, and has now made the move on to the big screen in Jordan Peele's new movie Get Out.

The scary flick has been a hit with critics but attracted criticism from Samuel L. Jackson for casting British black actor Daniel Kaluuya instead of an American name

Speaking at Refinery29’s International Women’s Day celebration on Wednesday (08Mar17), Allison was asked what she thought about the lack of diversity in Hollywood, and revealed her take in a passionate response.

"One of the biggest problems is that the people making decisions are disproportionately old, disproportionately white and disproportionately men," she said. "When they leave we have to make sure the people who replace them more accurately reflect the way the world actually looks."

Get Out has been keeping audiences entertained with its twist-filled plot line. Allison plays Rose, the girlfriend of Daniel's main character Chris, and admitted she’s been dishonest with friends and family in order to maintain the film's secrets.

“I’ve also been completely lying to my friends and family about the premise of the movie - for almost two years now,” she told The Huffington Post. "When my friends asked me what it was about - this is how I said it in press, too; I basically did press as Rose, which doesn’t help the suspicion that I might just actually be a psychopath in real life - I basically said, I bring my black boyfriend home to meet my parents, I assume they’re going to be totally cool with it, and then when he gets there, things start to go weird, and then it quickly becomes us against the world, and I have to choose between my family and my boyfriend.

“Literally people I’ve known for my entire life, I was like, this is the premise of the movie... and then they’d get out of the movie, and they’re like: 'I have to talk to you for two reasons. One, our friendship is over. Two, I loved the movie.'"