Allison Williams' engagement still doesn't feel ''real''.

The 'Girls' star got engaged to her boyfriend of three years Ricky Van Veen after he popped the question last month and she admits she has no idea when and where they will marry, much to the frustration of her friends.

She said: ''Literally, we have not even started thinking about the logistics of the wedding. It's so funny, even my friends are like, 'So, ballpark, just tell me what time of year, just in case I travel,' and I have no idea.

''As of now, it just exists as this hypothetical thing that will happen eventually. And none of it has started to become real yet. So eventually that'll become things that we're concerned with. But for now, it's just the fun part.''

Allison also admitted she daren't let her engagement ring out of her sight as 'Girls' co-star Lena Dunham keeps threatening to ''hide'' it, so she will even keep it on her when shooting scenes as single Marnie.

She told People: ''Lena has already threatened to hide my engagement ring, which I really hope she doesn't do.

''She's like, 'We're gonna have to find ways to hide it while we're shooting.' I was like, 'OK, then I'm going to hide it on part of my body that you can't see.' I know she's obviously kidding.''