A letter in which iconic poet Allen Ginsberg admits "communism just doesn't work" is to go up for auction later this month (Apr14).

The note was penned by Ginsberg during a trip around Europe in 1981, and he tells a pal how he has spent months travelling around Eastern Bloc nations he dubbed the 'Red Lands'.

He writes that Hungary was beset by "dreary bureaucracy" and confesses that he preferred "Socialist Austria" because it was "free & independent minded".

In the letter to fellow poet Diane di Prima, he wrote, "Hungary-Austria-Switzerland-Germany - made little money but saw a lot - Red Lands not good, Hungary pretty dreary bureaucracy - I guess communism just doesn't work. Socialist Austria seems pretty free & independent minded. Lots of yakking & snow & ice & cold & Poetry & movies... Love Allen.''

The note will be auctioned online via Nate D. Sanders on 29 April (14), with bidding starting at $250 (£156).