All We Are want to work with Outkast.

The 'Keep Me Alive' trio - comprising Guro Gikling, Rich O'Flynn and Luís Santos - are big fans of the 'Hey Ya group and would love the chance to record a single with the 'Hey Ya' hitmakers.

They said: ''It would be pretty banging to do a collab with Outkast.''

The group, who formed at university in Liverpool, have been expanding their fan base thanks to a recent tour with London Grammar but have ruled taking part in a reality TV show or contest to boost their success further.

Asked if they would go on a TV show, They told BANG Showbiz: ''No, never have watched them. None of us actually own TVs. We just like playing, hanging out and drinking cans.''

One way they have been engaging with more fans is performing at the Aloft Liverpool hotel as part of their Spotlight Series and they have really enjoyed the experience.

They said: ''It has been great to be able to use the space there and they're lovely to work with.''

All We Are teamed up with Aloft Liverpool as part of the Live at Aloft Hotels - Spotlight Series. For more information, visit