Former All Saints beauty Melanie Blatt is astonished that her one-time bandmates NATALIE and Nicole Appleton published their autobiography TOGETHER at such a young age.

The PURE SHORES beauty, who is relaunching her music career, was furious that the blonde sisters wrote such a biased account of the band's ups and downs - because all of them had behaved badly at some points.

She says, "What is it with all these young people accepting offers to write biographies? 'It's a lot of money,' you might say, 'so how can they turn it down?' But I have, because who am I? I've done nothing to change the world.

"It's not as if I have a career spanning 60 years and can tell you all about working with Frank Sinatra. Why do they think they're so interesting?

"(It was) exactly the sort of thing they'd do. But to give such a one-sided view...We were all c**** at one point or another."

27/07/2003 21:05