Former All Saints beauty Melanie Blatt has launched a scathing attack on the SPICE GIRLS - insisting she "hated them".

The brunette stunner, who's slammed her ex-bandmates NICOLE and NATALIE APPLETON for reigniting old arguments in their autobiography, believes the hit girl band were nothing more than a meaningless, corporate creation.

She spits, "I hated them. That's just me though, not the others - I, Melanie Blatt, hated the Spice Girls.

"I was just totally against what they stood for. It was all too corporate for me. I was very militant about my music at the time, and they only seemed to be interested in the fame and money.

"Somebody played us their first song before they released it and we just laughed. We were like, 'Ha ha! That's never going to work, it sounds like a nursery rhyme.' Goes to show how much we knew."

25/08/2003 17:02