All Saints have insisted they would never have followed Spice Girls' footsteps and sold out with ''endorsements''.

The 'Never Ever' band - made up of Mel Blatt, Shaznay Lewis and sisters Nicole and Natalie Appleton - have taken aim at the 'Wannabe' hitmakers and admitted they wouldn't have felt comfortable with the same big money deals.

Speaking to The Guardian newspaper, Mel said: ''We turned down a lot of lucrative branding offers. The main problem I had with the Spice Girls was all the endorsements.

''It's a way of life now, but they were kind of the first people to put their names on everything. When we were being compared to them I was like: 'No, no, no.' We write our own music and we're here to perform. We wanted to be a band, just a band.''

There were claims that the two groups were rivals in the 1990s, with Spice Girls painted as an innocent flipside to the heavy party-goers.

However, Nic explained: ''[The Spice Girls] were drinking with us at the Met Bar. Everybody [went out loads]; it was just focused on us. They were the good old days.''

That's not to say the quarter didn't drink, as Nat recalled an awkward hangover they were suffering on classic ITV music show CD:UK.

She revealed: ''I had a very embarrassing morning on CD:UK once,. We were talking to Ant and Dec and we all had sunglasses on because we couldn't see.

''We went to a commercial break and I had to go because I couldn't breathe, it was really bad, and I got this phone call from my mum being like: 'What's the matter with you!' Then they came back from the break and I wasn't there.''