All Saints members MELANIE BLATT and Natalie Appleton have blasted THE Black Eyed Peas hit MY HUMPS, because their young daughters copy the risque dance moves. Blatt and Appleton's daughters LILY and RACHEL both love the high tempo pop track, which features the band's frontwoman Fergie singing about her womanly curves and dancing seductively, but the NEVER EVER hitmakers believe the track is not for kids. Appleton says, "I hate it when my daughter sings that, I tell her to stop straight away." While Blatt adds, "What young girls are presented today that is supposed to be sexy or about being a strong woman is so not good. "The way my daughter dances and stuff is quite shocking but she's just copying what she sees. I make a point of telling Lily it's not cool, whether she likes it or not."