THE All-American Rejects star Tyson Ritter has branded 2009 the best year of his life - despite splitting with his longterm girlfriend and breaking his leg.
The rocker admits he's had mixed fortunes this year - he broke up with model Kim Smith and nearly had to have his right leg amputated after a knee infection spread to his bloodstream.
But he insists he's learned a lot in the past 12 months despite his many setbacks.
He tells Kerrang! magazine, "I've been s**t on from a great height but I'm running around like a f**king sprite again! I broke up with my girlfriend after six years together, I nearly lost my f**king leg and we played a million amazing shows. It's just been a tremendously tiring but fascinating year. It was probably the most incredible, amazing and yet terrible year of my life. I think someone was trying to shut my a** down when I f**ked my leg up. I was testing the limits of the human body for a while there and it was like someone just said, 'Not anymore, you f**ker!'"
Ritter also has big plans for the New Year (10), which he will ring in with a massive bash on a beach.
He adds, "I'm hosting a huge New Year's party. I'm buying a bunch of furniture and throwing it on the beach so we can drink and make merry as the ocean rolls and thrashes around into 2010."