Scottish rocker Alistair Mcerlaine has bounced back from a life-threatening brain haemorrhage to take up boxing.
The Texas guitarist was in a critical condition back in 2009 after he collapsed suddenly at his home and was admitted to hospital for surgery to relieve pressure on his brain.
MCErlaine then spent a month in an intensive care unit, where he had to relearn everyday tasks like brushing his teeth.
Now the 43 year old has made a miraculous recovery and has even signed up for boxing lessons when he is not playing in Texas or his second band Red Sky July.
He tells Britain's Daily Record newspaper, "I find it hard to believe that it happened. I feel so normal now. I am doing boxing training and jogging and doing two bands at the one time... I am free to go back and be as I was. It is kind of unbelievable."
However, doctors have warned MCErlaine he could suffer another setback, adding, "I've been told there is as much chance of it happening again as anyone else has."