Alison Krauss says 'Dimming of the Day' by the singer songwriter Richard Thompson is "one of the greatest songs for a woman to sing". Alison Krauss covers the track on her highly anticipated new album 'Paper Airplane', which has garnered strong reviews ahead of its release today (12th April 2011).
Speaking to the UK's Daily Telegraph, Krauss discussed her decision to cover Thompson's classic song, which has also been tackled by the likes of Emmylou Harris and Dolly Parton in the past. The 39-year-old said, "I've just not woken up and thought, I must do this. But I have often heard music that I have instantly felt, I have to sing that song", adding, "I just think it is one of the greatest songs for a woman to sing.I don't know any woman who doesn't react to that song the way I have. It's just the purest, most clearly stated story about that place where a woman has lost love." The singer-songwriter from Illinois has won 26 Grammy Awards in total, more than any woman in history. She also sits third in the all-time winner's list. Despite her monumental success, Krauss insists she experiences none of the madness of celebrity, saying, "I don't get recognised in London or at home either, very seldom anyway. Either that or I look so crazy no one wants to come up to me".
Alison Krauss' twelfth studio album 'Paper Airplane' hits shelves in the U.S. today (12th April 2011). The record follows Alison's acclaimed 2007 album 'Raising Sand', a collaboration with ROBERT PLANT.