Alison Brie believes male actors are ''more obsessed'' with their diet and appearance than females.

The 34-year-old actress believes the stereotype that women are more conscious of what they look like is false, as she has found the male co-stars she has worked with throughout her career have made more of an effort to eat well, exercise and have even discussed their looks more often.

Speaking to Net-A-Porter's The Edit, the 'Glow' star - who portrays Ruth in the Netflix series - said: ''In my experience, it's the men that I've worked with who have been much more obsessed with what they were eating and what sort of shape they were in, talking about that kind of stuff.''

And Alison insists the only time she talks about her body is in reference to a wrestling move she has to carry out for a scene.

She added: ''On [our] show, if we're talking about our bodies, it's because we're talking about a [wrestling] move that we're learning, or workouts that we're doing to prepare for a move.

''While you're doing something really physical and it has to do with your body and being healthy, the goals are not necessarily about weight-loss, which is so important.''

And since starring in the show, Alison has had a different outlook on her body.

She explained: ''It was more about learning to use our bodies in this totally different way. It really changed the way I felt about my body. It felt so empowering and exciting, and it proved that we were capable of so much more than we expected. 'Glow' is such a body-positive show; all of the women on it feel really comfortable in their bodies, and that is such a healthy thing to be surrounded by.''

Although Alison is honoured to have got into the entertainment industry as she feels it has ''completed'' her.

Alison - who married fellow actor Dave Fanco earlier this year - said: ''I was such a snob when I was in theater school; I never thought I would do TV. [But] this job has completed me in so many ways. I don't just feel proud of my work, I feel proud of the show and what it is - that it is representative of powerful women, women creating their own way and finding success for themselves. Maybe in my mind I had this dream of being a movie star, but as the dream has become realised, I'm like, 'Oh, no, this is the dream.' The first season of shooting was unlike anything that I'd experienced, it was like euphoria all the time. [The set] feels a little like an island of misfit toys, I think, which is an environment I'm comfortable in.''