Alison Brie is ''a dirty birdie''.

The 31-year-old actress provides a voice in animated family film 'The LEGO Movie', much to the amusement of her friends, who say she is less-than ''wholesome''.

Talk show host Chelsea Handler said: ''This is a very wholesome movie for you to be in, because I know your history. Your personal history. I do, and she's pretty dirty birdie.''

Alison replied: ''See, you know that about me. And people in my personal life and history know that about me, but I never play risqué roles.''

However, the 'Man Men' actress admits she had a very bizarre raunchy scene in one of first movies, 'Born', which she described as ''a totally B, hilarious, like so bad it's good horror movie.''

Speaking of a scene in the 2007 film, she recalled to the talk show host: ''While I'm having sex, with this really hot Swedish guy I get possessed. While I'm super pregnant cause the demon foetus possesses me and you know I need, penis. And so I'm having sex with him, and while we're having sex I get possessed and my demon fetus inside me bites his penis off. And he dies.''