Alison Brie hates being called a ''comedy actress''.

The 35-year-old actress shot to fame for her role as Annie Edison in the comedy series 'Community', but has said there's nothing she hates more than being pigeon-holed to one specific genre, as she says there's ''more going on than people think''.

Alison - who also starred in drama series 'Mad Men' - said: ''If you need a headline, [this] would be the headline of my life: 'There's a Lot More Going on Than People Think.' The biggest misconception across the board is that I'm a comedy actress, and it drives me crazy. Which is weird because I don't want to begrudge that title in a way that implies I hate the genre. I don't. I love it! But, to me, there's more to me. There's untapped resources you guys don't even know about.''

The beauty is currently starring in Netflix comedy show 'Glow', and says she took on the role of Ruth because she felt as though it was made for her, as she too has felt ''misunderstood'' in the way the character on the show does.

She said: ''I almost can't even define why, but certain things you just read and you're like, this is my role. Maybe it came from having felt slightly misunderstood in my career - although I still sort of feel that way everywhere outside of 'Glow' - but I just had this drive to fight for this character, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with her.''

'Glow' follows the lives of a syndicated women's professional wrestling circuit in the 1980s, and whilst the show centres largely on the character's bodies, Alison insists she has never felt ''sexualised'' on set.

Speaking to Fashion magazine, she said: ''We work for women and for a show that's so much about our bodies, and yet we're never sexualised. That's not a priority of the show. And it certainly is in sync with how I feel as a person in terms of having little interest in having to prove my own sexiness.''