Alison Brie is ''addicted to strength''.

The 'Glow' actress has changed her training regime since landing her role in the wrestling drama series and her workouts have made her think more about how her body works than how she looks.

She said: ''Weights that I can't physically put on the thing [bar], I can lift with my legs and butt. I can do pull-ups!

''I was always into exercising to be skinny, which can become a very unhealthy compulsion. Training for 'Glow' I got addicted to strength. Learning how to wrestle you have to protect your partner and yourself, so I stopped thinking about how I looked and focused on how my body worked.''

The 35-year-old actress admitted her role in 'Glow' is the ''job of a lifetime'' and she finds it very ''empowering''.

She told the Observer magazine: ''It blew my goddamn mind. It's the job of a lifetime. Truly every day I think, 'How did this happen? How did I find this show?'

''It's so fulfilling, so empowering. And I can f***ing wrestle. I can wrestle even better this year than I could last year. What a weird thing!''

The 'Post' star - who is married to Dave Franco - is relieved she doesn't feel any pressure to be the ''hot young thing'' and can make fulfilling career choices.

She said: ''I do think when I was younger there was so much pressure to be the 'hot young thing' - that was how you were going to get a job. I don't feel that way any more.''