Rock outfit Alien Ant Farm found an unusual way to enhance lead singer DRYDEN MITCHELL's vocals on their new record - using cayenne pepper.

The wacky STICKS AND STONES hitmakers discovered that if producer ROBERT DeLEO sprinkled the hot ingredient on Mitchell's testicles he sang perfectly.

And after uncovering this alternative method of vocal training, the SMOOTH CRIMINAL stars are pledging to keep practicing the bizarre art.

Mitchell laughs, "I would put my b**** out and Robert would sprinkle cayenne on them. It burned really bad but just made me sing better. We did it for every single singing part on the record.

"I'm taking the cayenne on tour with me. What sucks though, is that once you start singing and moving around and you start to get a little sweaty, the cayenne absorbs into your skin and it really feels like someone put your genitals in a vice."

18/07/2003 17:25