Swedish actress Alicia is currently enjoying awards season, having gained nominations for her roles in The Danish Girl and Ex MAChina. With the Oscars getting closer and closer the brunette beauty is planning to take her family with her to the prestigious event. In order to avoid any awkwardness on the day, Alicia made sure to pre-warn Kate, who is nominated for her part in Steve Jobs, about her dad's fascination with her.

"I am, I got them tickets the other day. I hope so," she grinned when talk show host Jimmy Kimmel asked whether who parents will embarrass her by talking to famous people. "My dad has a bit of a crush on Kate Winslet, so I kind of prepped her: 'My dad's coming, please be kind.' And she was! And he was like, 'Oh my god that's Kate.' I mean, I do have a crush on Kate Winslet (too)."

While she didn't mention where she and Kate had crossed paths, it could have been at the Oscar nominees luncheon which took place on Monday (08Feb16). It was on this occasion that Alicia had the chance to mingle with Kate and the rest of the best supporting actress contenders, one of whom she'd been waiting to meet for a long time.

"I actually finally got to meet Rooney Mara, because many of these events... I looked up to her and admire her as an actress for a long time and we've been like waving across the room," Alicia smiled. "Finally when we did this, we had the Oscar luncheon, we were put next to each other for this cast photo, so we finally got to have a little chat."

Jimmy was curious as to whether people actually have lunch at the event, with Alicia confirming that there is in fact a meal - unlike some other showbiz soirees.

"At the Golden Globes I was sitting there with a plate in front of me, but the food never came. Isn't that weird? It's actually put out there, I was like, 'Is this every year?'" she giggled.